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Pastor Gary and his wife Patty are keenly aware of what community really means. Especially in such an historical part of Nevada. They have teamed with “Good News Club” in an after school  program that shares the life of Jesus Christ and God's Word as a way to foster improved relationships  with the friends and families of each child and how it relates to the place they live.

Pastor Gary and Patty also work to supply materials such as “Our Daily Bread” free of charge for anyone who is looking for inspiration and understanding of how God's help is always near. Add to this family events like a “Left over Thanksgiving”, a “Barn Raising BBQ” (a shed :) and others to come, in an effort to bring together the old fashion notion that neighbors should be reliable and available.


The History of Our Building

The original church was built in 1897 but met it's demise on October 24, 1944 when a fire tore through the town of Verdi leaving only a foundation and ashes.  In 1947 Iris Powning spearheaded the purchase of a school building from the Reno Indian Colony (built in 1925). It was then moved to it's present location and dedicated anew in 1948 as Iris Chapel.

This Holy site has been transformed many times over. From a Baptist Church to an American Sunday School Missionary home to Iris Chapel and finally to Verdi Community Church (formerly associated with the American Missionary Fellowship) and now the home of Sure Foundation Fellowship.

Jesus Christ has been proclaimed on this site for 122 years. Which is why it is such a blessing today to be “Building on the History of Worship in Verdi, Nevada”.

Sure Foundation Fellowship - The SFF Family

The SFF Family

Located in Verdi, NV. Each week Sure Foundation Fellowship teaches the inerrant Word of God, book by book and word for word.  We worship in song and praise in joyful celebration of the Salvation we have found in Jesus Christ. Our fellowship relies on the Holy Spirit to guide our understanding of the Bible and hold to God's Word, Prayer and Fellowship as priorities in our Christian walk of faith.

The mission of Sure Foundation Fellowship is to serve as emissaries of hope and help whenever and wherever the Lord leads. All of which begins with people just like you. 

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